PhiloUSA, a division of Philosophics, Inc., is located in Cincinnati Ohio, started out as a specialty products company, producing marketing and advertising merchandise. We serviced the smallest of small and some of the biggest of the big (Proctor and Gamble) with items ranging from t-shirts to full advertising campaigns and marketing promotions. While this aspect of the company grew at a steady pace the founder and CEO of Philosophics, Ralph R. Brodbeck, started out on new product development. Through hard work and imagination he developed Philosophics’ first patented product “The Bungee Strap”. Since then, over 1 million patented “Bungee Straps” have been shipped worldwide and are being used by swimmers ranging from beginners to Olympians.

Now we are offering a full line of “Bungee Products” that we hope you will enjoy.

Sensing the need for competitive swimmers to attain consistent starts, turns and breakouts, PhiloUSA has developed the “AquaStic”. This revolutionary device easily attaches to lane lines and provides a “target” for swimmers. The “AquaStic” is made from quality material and is design to withstand the abuse of harsh swimming pool chemicals.

In the fall of 2011 PhiloUSA went on a release spree! Launching “The Bungee Kicker” and “The Drag Shirt”! The Bungee Kicker is a fast way to fix your kicks! Great for developmental swimmers just learning and great for the more advanced competitive looking to fine tune their kicks. The Drag Shirt is a variable resistance shirt that evenly distributes the drag across the entire body. The pockets can be opened or closed to your preference to allow minimal or maximum resistance. The Drag Shirt is made from Chloroban so all you have to do is rinse in cold water to take care of it, simple and easy!

PhiloUSA has recently released it’s newest line of products, “The Bungee SPK’s”. SPK stands for “smart phone keeper”. A very simple way to keep track of your IPhone, Droid, IPod, or tablet! This ingenious product has 4 different versions, the shorty, regular, deluxe and wrap (comes in 4 sizes) to allow you to carry your device and have it available at all times! What will we think of next???

PhiloUSA has numerous distributors and resellers throughout the United States.